“The Understanding” by Mikey McFly- School Daze

What does a college education mean to you? For me, it was an opportunity to get closer to a dream not a career, a job, but a dream. That dream wasn’t based on anything sufficient like a 5-year plan rather it was based upon the possibility of being successful. As a young man fresh out of the stale hallways and dusty classrooms of Philadelphia High School, I had little to no idea as to what would be demanded of me in the nefarious “Real World”.  I feel like most people head to college to “find themselves” as if it’s taking an extra step towards adulthood.  I started to come to terms with the happenings in the world around me and if it wasn’t for that collegiate experience, I doubt that I’d have as much appreciation for diversity as I do now. But nevertheless, that college experience came with price. After changing majors and finding a field of study that I felt comfortable with, I believed that I was “moving on up”, I could even hear the Jeffersons’ theme song playing loudly in my mind. But after graduation, I faced a bleak job search and found myself working as a media specialist (one the blue shirt wearing individuals who obnoxiously offered customer service) for Best Buy and now currently a desk jockey for a financial firm.

Where  I Went Wrong…

I need you all to know that the minor mistakes that I made in college cost me a few years of inescapable mediocrity. I was under the sense clouding illusion that all I would to kick in the door and wave the four-four would be a college degree and to my disadvantage, that wasn’t farther from the truth. In college, I did the necessary work but I never found my niche under years after the day that I donned the ceremonial cap and gown.  It’s very important that you have a solid grip on a career path or else you can look forward to a menial job with decade or two filled with paying off a monstrous student loan debt. As of right now, I’m making the transition from the role as an Corporate American peon to a University graduate student. I refuse to feel as if those college days came and went with nothing to show for.  The Education of Mikey McFly can’t only be found in various books but in various life experiences that amplified my awareness and instincts. For anyone attempting to attend college or if you’re a current student, understand that you must take full advantage of your opportunities before that institution of higher learning  takes advantage of you and your fragile finances.