Barack Obama aka President Dangerfield..”I get No Respect!!!”


ARLINGTON, Va. – Controversy has followed President Barack Obama to the Virginia school where he’s getting ready to address the nation’s students returning to school for the fall.

A small group of protesters gathered outside Wakefield High School in the Washington suburb of Arlington as the president’s motorcade was arriving for the midday speech. One sign read, “Mr. President, stay away from our kids.”

Via Associated Press

Parents plop their kids in front of the T.V all day and now their worried that Obama is trying to “brainwash” kids????
I’d rather y’all be honest and say you can’t stand that the President is black then make up idiotic reasons to oppose everything Obama presents.

I remember when no position in the world was held with as much respect and esteem as the position of President. Now people openly cry and pray for the death of the nations leader. They oppose everything out of his mouth before it’s even been completely said. For years I’d heard things of the “true nature” of the our society and while I do believe in the good of most people. American is looking uglier and uglier. And I’m worried what this is going to lead to.

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