Bank of America linked to arrest of Governor Blagojevich?

It was just days ago Governor Rod Blagojevich stood in front of national news and condemed Bank of America, calling for a boycott against doing business with them. In record time damn near hours later the federal government is about to give this man 10+ years in federal prison on corruption charges. I’m not sayin its a conspiracy, I’m just sayin don’t mess with the banks.

Especially after George Bush and company just gave them Billions of dollars in bailout money. Did he think he was really gonna take on Bank of America? Now besides the whole Bank of America situation that was still a pretty retarded thing to do, try and sell the senate seat of Barack Obama, like the world wasnt watching. I think Bank of America sent a message to any local politician trying to go against their handling of the bailout money.

The story of the Republic Windows and Doors is a great example showing the lack of government oversight of the bailout. The story that really needs to be out is now buried under this story of corruption, and even when asked Bank of America still has nothing to say about the situation.

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