Bank of America Grabs Domain Names in Anticipation of WikiLeaks Info Release


Looks like WikiLeaks has Bank of America’s PR department working overtime. They’re buying up negative domain names in anticipation of an unconfirmed but hotly rumored release.

According to Domain Name Wire, the US bank has been aggressively registering domain names including its board of Directors’ and senior executives’ names followed by “sucks” and “blows”.

For example, the company registered a number of domains for CEO Brian Moynihan:,,, and

The wire report counted hundreds of such domain name registrations on 17 December alone. They were acquired through an intermediary that frequently registers domain names on behalf of large companies, says the report.

Bank of America has reputedly established a ‘war room’ to draw up strategy and rebutt [sic] allegations likely to emerge from the publication of thousands of internal documents by WikiLeaks.

As anxious as I am to see Bank of America suffer whatever consequences may result from their internal arrogance and malfeasance, I confess that declarations like this one from Assange make me uncomfortable, too.

“We don’t want the bank to suffer unless it’s called for,” Assange told The Times. “But if its management is operating in a responsive way there will be resignations,” he said, without giving details about the material.

After all, hostage-taking is hostage-taking, whether it’s Republicans or hackers.