Local SPOTLIGHT(Chicago): Interview with Nerds PlayGround

When people mention Hip Hop you think of RAP, but Hip Hop has four elements(and more being added) which are:

  • The DJ’s
  • The Graffiti Artists(Taggers)
  • The Dancers
  • and of course The MC’s

These are all the pillars that make up Hip Hop. The culture of Hip Hop has always been live and kicking evan as the mainstream wasn’t representing it correctly, Hip Hop still flourished in the underground. There is a Hip Hop crew from my home-city Chicago that goes by the name NPG (Nerds Playground). When it comes to Hip Hop they cover all aspects.

The Hip Hop DEMOCRAT recently did an interview with “pHaze” the President of Nerds Playground:

The Hip Hop DEMOCRAT(Prince Akeem): When was NPG started?

NERDS PlayGround(pHaze): NPG was started in June of 2007

HHD: How many members are there?

NPG: There’s a total of 11 members: Tebitronic, Noodlez, pHaze, Bri Starr, Debo, Kris-Tee, ImaGinAsian, O’ryan, Nemo, Neeko, and Angel

HHD: Who are the Leaders, persay, or what do they go by?

NPG: Well, I’m the president, of course. Vice President is ImaGinAsian, and then there’s representative O’Ryan.

HHD: Why the name Nerds Playground?

NPG: With nerds being the losers of past times, we feel we’re the losers of our time. Since we want to be different from what we call popular. Also from the “nerdy” things we do such as: Computers, Anime, and Video Games. Playground was just another synonym that I used for how we live and how we take the world. ”Our rules, our universe, our playground”.

HHD: How does NPG represent Hip Hop?

NPG: Even though we’re the losers of our time, we still turn out to be popular, in which makes us sort of an urban nerd. Though we’re gamers and tech heads, we also breakdance, in process of bringing good hip. ”Big ups to Debo for bringing the style to our group!”

HHD: I know NPG isn’t just Breakdancing, what other elements are covered?

NPG: We also cover Music, Video Production, Arts, also specialize in technological area.

HHD: Anything you want the people out there to know?

Our Rules, Our Universe, Our Playground’

YOU can hit up PHaze(President of NPG) on Myspace: PHaze on Myspace


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