Generation O…..The Generation of CHANGE

We all know the generation gap that divides America. The Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, but according to the New York Times, theres a new generation. The generation that pushed forward and forced

Generation O get's its Hopes up

Generation O

change in America, a generation led by the President-Elect, then generation is known as Generation O. The group of younger and older individuals that came out to the polls in record numbers to Vote for “Barack”, as he signed his email message to his supporters on election night. A generation that was not only for Barack, WE were with him.

I know exactly what how Generation O feels when they say, that theres a personal connection with Obama. I’ve met him once, and yeah theres the whole Chicago connection, but when he was elected I felt like thats Barack from down the street. Kinda like those old “Calvin’s gotta JOB” McDonalds commercial, every community around the world feels like that.  The members of those communities are now know as Generation O.

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