My Piece of History…YES WE DID, YES WE DID!!!!

Being at the rally this evening gave me a strong and powerful feeling. Well actually a few different feelings…Hope, joy, pride, anxiety, all together, all building up. Honestly being around such a large group (I’m estimating more than a million) it feels good, positive in a sense, far from what I expected. With so many people it was thrilling just waiting to enter, knowing that once your in, no easy exit, your fate is with the masses at that point.

Throughout the day I was debating with myself whether or not I should go, so many variables, What if’s…If he lost what would happen(Thank GOD my sec of pessimism had no bearing) Would the black people go crazy, if he won would some crazy group do something. As time passed I realized its not just black, white, old, or young we are all about CHANGE.

With that said I will chronicle my journey to the Election Night Rally this evening:

1:30 pm– Run to Kinko’s to print out my ticket(CPT…..So last minute, good thing I didn’t get the full POP COPY Service)

2:15 pm– Standing outside of Grant Park on Congress Prkwy, hovering  around trying to figure out the line situation.

2:45pm– After wandering too close to the front of the line, get publicly accused of “Cutting” and forced to explore other options.

2:55pm– Find the right line, and now……we wait…but good thing is I’m one of the Top 200 people(I’m thinkin…Front Row)…Too Many people out here scheming trying to get in as someone’s guest….Trifflin’

4:00pm– Pass the 1st Check point. On to the 2nd waiting on Columbus & Congress Parkway(The Entrance to the Event). Still at the front…(my prime time  CNN act a fool spot is lookin real nice)

6:00pm– Floodgates are opened for an all out free for all sprint towards Checkpoint 3(Sorry no pics of that, it was EVERY MAN for THEMSELF) Slowly seeing the desperation of these other people pushing me farther back. DAMN!

6:45pm– Still in the Top 350, should get a good spot…..Still no order, or organization to this madness, they’re shoveling in 10,000 at a time.(Feel like I’m at the front of a marathon.) They open the gates toward Checkpoint #4 The Metal Detectors!!!!

6:50pm– While rapidly walking towards the metal detectors, I find myself trying to find a shortcut and end up in the slow line. Damn people don’t know how to empty their pockets the first time.

7:00pm– Still waiting to be searched…

7:15pm– Finally searched and into the park……and see the 9,456(Est.) people who’s security officer searched efficiently enough to get them in before me…..DAMN….discouraged….Not lookin good this evening.

7:30pm– Walk toward the stage and realize I’m not even close to the stage….better get a good spot by the JumboTron…Tiss

8:00pm– Realizing that I’m in a GREAT spot for a few reasons……1.) I’m in the only spot where they allow you to sit in the grass…..and 2.) I’m actually there to witness HISTORY, and I should be thankful for the opportunity.

9:00pm– Crowd is growing very rapidly, and people are s till pouring in…I really am in a GREAT spot, Every “Projection” announced  by CNN brings a silence to the crowd.

10:00pmBARACK OBAMA is the 44th President of the United States of America. This lady I’ve never met in my LIFE, gives me the most  emotional hug I’ve felt with tears in her eyes.(POWERFUL MOMENT)

10:15pm– McCain is talking……I think I will take this opportunity while the people are preoccupied listening to him talk, and move closer to the stage…BRILLIANT!

10:20pm– A little closer and McCain is still blabbing…..

10:30pm– The Event starts…..A nice prayer, A mediocre Star Spangled Banner, and The Pledge of Allegiance…

11:00pm– Barack Obama hits the stage…..I can see the podium okay…Hallelujah, Hallelujah!

11:30pm– GREAT SPEECH…….Change Gon’ COME….better yet it’s already here!!!!!

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