And the Winner is……..THE WORLD!!!

Well unless you’ve been trapped in the 3rd layer of the Earths crust. You’ve probably already heard BARACK OBAMA is the 44th President of the United States. A historic evening from the Rally in Grant Park to the celebrations all over the world. It seems like the whole world knows CHANGE is upon us.

But WHAT NOW? Is it just a BIG PARTY til’ January 20th? How can we  translate all of the enthusiasm generated by Barack’s brilliant campaign into ACTION? The NEW President Elect has his Transition Committee, but what CAN WE DO in the mean time? So many questions, so much uncertainty, but it’s a positive anxiety…Kind of like Christmas morning, when your trying to decide which present to open first.

Who will this effect the most? I undoubted think that President Elect Obama’s WIN will have the greatest effect on the black community. An absolutely immeasurable effect, from the number of African American  students under achieving in the inner-city high schools who now BELIEVE they CAN go to COLLEGE. The elders of those black communities who have seen so much injustice throughout their own years, mostly brought upon by the government, and now CHANGE they never though they would see in their lifetime. A glimpse of hope for their children, and grandchildren. This is an awesome moment for the black community.

Although the story of African-American prominence in this election is a GREAT one, many others benefit from an Obama Presidency. ALL AMERICAN’s can look forward towards possible healthcare for EVERYONE. Considering Healthcare bills are a main cause for bankruptcy, that should have a huge effect on the economy as well.

The BIGGEST effect I feel will come, is the level of RESPECT that AMERICA will receive from the WORLD Community, and his ability to effect a multitude of WORLD issues like the Conflict in Darfur, Relations with Israel, Iran, France, Russia, etc….CHANGE IS HERE!!!! LET US ALL BACK THE MAN THAT CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN AND DO OUR PART!!!

What do you feel will be the issue most effected by an Obama Presidency?

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