The Hip Hop Effect

It goes without saying that the culture of Hip Hop has had a tremendous effect on this years election. By tremendously supplementing the motivation and inspiration that Barack Obama has provided us ALL.

I can honestly say that as an artist myself I am proud at the contribution that the Hip Hop community provided this campaign season. It kinda brought me back to a book I’ve seen by John McWhorter entitled All About the Beat: Why Hip Hop Can’t Save Black America(Available @ , even tho I disagree I still support EVERYONE doing something positive, so check it out!!!). Basically the book spoke on how ludacris113006_04-thumbno matter how much the music of hip hop brings awareness to the problems of Black America, that’s all it is, just music. No actions, just  words. It seems like our friends at are strong supporters of this theory, but we still love our friends across the aisle.

With this election I can say that I can disagree with that. Although I feel that No ONE particular element or subculture within Black America CANNOT be solely responsible for creating the type of CHANGE needed. I do think that Hip Hop stepped up BIG TIME, from Ludacris getting the word out,Jeezy making phone calls, Beyonce’ standing in line to encourage voters, The multitude of artists campaigning for Barack Obama across the country with Russell Simmons, David Banner basically being an excellent advocate for the Get Out & VOTE message, Black Americans can truly say we’ve found that foundation for positivity and growth that seemed to be slipping away gradually.