Agallah Don Bishop Delivers New Single, The Warming (Beware of NYC)

Fresh off nearly a week and a half ago releasing his latest single, A Mic Two Turntables and a Gemini. Agallah Don Bishop, is back with yet another new single, The Warming (Beware of NYC).

The new track like most of Agallah’s music is self-produced and finds him showing off his effortless rhyming. As with bars like, ”No 85 bidness, it’s time to show and prove. And be a man of your word cause that’s what I’m a hold you to. Save me the hatred, you could save me the guilt. I put in work. You could never destroy what I built.” He is letting all his doubters, haters and naysayers know. That nobody could take away his accomplishments in his storied and legendary Hip-Hop career.