Ari Lennox Debuts Sensually Intimate & Beautifully Fun New Video, Waste My Time

Today as Ari Lennox starts her first headlining tour in nearly four years with the, age/sex/location Tour. The First Lady of Dreamville also gives us her fourth set of visuals from her very critically-acclaimed sophomore album, age/sex/location.

Debuting earlier today through Vevo her brand new Val Vega-directed video for one of the album’s most standout records, Waste My Time. The video opens with Ari in a therapy session. Before flashing back to her getting as intimate with a former love interest as the raunchy fun lyrics suggest. Ari in a very beautifully stunning blue dress also playing in the water, as a sort of homage to 90’s and 2000’s R&B/Soul greats of yesteryear such as Toni Braxton, Mya and the late great Aaliyah. Who used that similar scene in some of their music video’s. Elsewhere the very beautifully talented singer and songwriter is also shown very regally stunning and like a queen goddess in a beautifully shimmering gold bra and skirt with matching hoop earrings, bracelets and glitter all over. As over clouds, Ari sings the raunchy fun & playful lyrics. To really bring the record to life even more and make an already fan favorite record that much more loved after you watch the video. With the hilariously fun and playful ending. Showing Ari’s great knack for storytelling, a theme and such playful sarcastically fun charisma. One of the many reasons we all love and relate to her so much too.

This also showing how Ari is always able to do a lot of her music videos in such a sexy and sensually, yet still brilliantly classy and beautifully fun way. That shows what a truly great core to the ART artist from her songwriting to her singing, storytelling, themes and visuals. As well as performing that Ari is. Which is why she is such a fan favorite by me and so many of us.