Kaash Paige & 6LACK Debut Out Of This World New Video, For, Miss My Dawgs

Very talented singer and songwriter, Kaash Paige, released her very amazing new single, Miss My Dawgs. Nearly a week and a half ago. The very soulful and moody, as well as somewhat catchy record. A collaboration with fellow rising great singer and songwriter, 6LACK. About missing their “dawgs”/homies and just people they know and miss. Whether it be family or friends.

Paige returning to the track today by debuting earlier through Vevo. The accompanying MarmoFilms-directed video. That sees Paige on a spaceship in outer space and going to the moon or another planet. Where 6LACK is and they embrace with a hug before boarding the ship back to earth. As they sing the very relatable lyrics to the record. The out of this world type theme really helping such an already amazing record. Even more to life too.