Freddie Gibbs Goes Off On New Funk Flex Freestyle

With his highly-anticipated new album, SSS ($oul $old $eparately), set to drop in about another week and a half on, Sept. 30th. Freddie Gibbs, just started making his rounds to promote the album and you know he had to hit up the legendary Hot 97 with Funk Flex for Flex’s legendary freestyle session.

Gibbs over Amerie’s classic, Why Don’t We Fall In Love, instrumental. Went completely off with bars like, “Why they stalling me? Leg shot almost bled out your artery. Kidnap your wife, duct tape her. I ain’t got no heart in me. On my Spike Lee. I might direct, produce and it starring me.” As well as, “They say Rabbit let these n***as breath. I guess they playing from behind. Trying to up the score cause you in the lead. But I say fvck it let these… bleed. Clique full of wind bricks. Ain’t a shooter on your whole team. Balling like a b^*h while my jumper was broke. Put you in the back. Shout out to Matt. I want all of the smoke. Shot you and get out of jail free like Monopoly. Freddie Gordy.” Showing why when it comes to coke rap or just plan straight rapping your ass off. Not many can do it as easily and effortlessly as Freddie does.