DJ Muggs Debuts Cinematically Dark & Eerie New Soul Assassins Video, Check In feat. Jay Worthy

A week after releasing his latest Soul Assassins single, Check In featuring Jay Worthy. Living legend and icon, DJ Muggs. Returns with the debut earlier today of the cinematically dark and eerie David Salolsky-directed video for the cinematically haunting new banger. That he co-directed.

The new visual finding Muggs and Worthy riding around downtown Los Angeles. As they stop and hit the liquor store on 24th and Santa Fe with the homies. The video switching from black-and-white to in color to black-and-white again to in color again. Before switching back to black-and-white and finally in color again. The cinematically dark and eerie tone of the visuals. Bringing Muggs just as hauntingly cinematically dark and eerie production along with Worthy’s cinematically eerie and raw lyrics even more to life.

Muggs also announced besides his very highly-anticipated upcoming Soul Assassins 3 album. Which this will be on. That he is also working on a currently untitled collaboration album with Jay Worthy. That will be released on Nov. 11th. No word on if this will be on that album as well or only Soul Assassins 3.