Mysonne Drops New, God Did Freestyle

It has been a little over a couple of months since Mysonne dropped any new material. Dropping his freestyle to Mobb Deep’s classic, Hell On Earth. At that time. While Mysonne returns today with his newest freestyle, God Did.

The veteran emcee delivering god like bars of knowledge and realness over the classic new DJ Khaled track. Such as, “Remember praying on the prison bed. Then God said to me. One of the clearest visions and then he said to me. Stay on your mission, Mysonne and then eventually I will prepare a table for you before your enemies. From prison to million man marches. Making speeches. What else? To going to school’s teaching the teachers. What else? To being on the frontline fighting, changing laws. What else? To negotiating peace treaties in gang wars. To having one of the best freestyle’s, bar for bar kid. What up Flex! When they said I was done. That’s what God Did.” As well as, “What Mysonne did was speak for the voiceless. What else? Mysonne showed the streets different choices. I told you that these fake n***as lied to you. I showed you the King that’s inside of you. Mysonne walked the real n***as through it. You’ll never see another n***a do it like Mysonne did.” Really hitting home for me and I’m sure many others when you need something for inspiration and/or motivation. It also showing once again why Mysonne is a personal favorite of us here at The Hip Hop Democrat. Not to mention one of the dopest and realist emcees. As well as lyricists in Hip-Hop now or ever to touch a mic.