Ambré Debuts New Black-and-White Video, Illusionz feat. BEAM & Destin Conrad

Ambré has returned with her newest child-directed video, Illusionz featuring BEAM and Destin Conrad. Off her just a few months ago most recent solo project, 3000°.

One of the most standout records on the EP. The beautiful new black-and-white visual that was just premiered through Vevo. In celebration of her 26th birthday that is after midnight. Finds the very talented singer and songwriter, at a turnt up party in her hometown of New Orleans. That is somewhat of a rager. Before switching over to a beautiful more calming peace with Conrad sitting Indian style in the air in a room. Where he sings his beautiful guest verses. While Ambré sings her more beautiful portion of the record. As she is out by a tree outside sitting on her bike. Before flashes of everything goes by like an illusion. Then we see Ambré with the visual now in color for the somewhat twist turning end most don’t expect.