AUGUST 08 & Jhené Aiko Release Peacefully Soulful New Video/Single, Water Sign, New EP, Towards The Moon

AUGUST 08 releases today his very highly anticipated collaboration with fellow water sign, Jhené Aiko. Appropriately titled, Water Sign. As well as the very peacefully soulful accompanying video for the record. That was also premiered earlier today through Vevo.

The new visual seeing both AUGUST and Jhené over a blue backdrop with paper water and moon. Plus beautiful flowers backdrop. Like you would see on a theater stage. As AUGUST and a visibly pregnant Jhené. Sing their very beautifully soulful and calming verses. From the very beautifully peaceful and soulful new single.

The release of the new video and single from AUGUST 08. In conjunction with the release of his new EP, Towards The Moon. That is also the second EP in a little less than two months he has released.