John Legend Debuts Sensually Steamy Dripping Honey New Video, Honey feat. Muni Long

Nearly three weeks after John Legend dropped his very beautifully sweet as honey. Blissfilled duet, Honey with Muni Long. That finds Legend. So beautifully and passionately singing his undying love for his woman. While Long serenades her man with her just as beautifully succulent vocals. That blends so well and sweet as honey with Legend’s vocals. For the perfect complimentary tone. That shows the undeniably beautifully dripping sweet as honey chemistry between both artists on the record as well.

The duo returns today with the debut just a few short hours ago through Vevo. Of the sensually steamy dripping honey new Christian Breslauer-directed accompanying video for, Honey. Which opens with John laid out and waking up from the house party in the video for Dope. From the night before. A bee nearly stinging him before he is lured by the bee and another bee to a honeycomb wall. That has a picture of Muni Long on it. That he takes down and rips the honeycomb down to reveal Muni. So beautifully and sensually dripping in a bath full of honey. As she so sensually caresses her legs full of honey. In a sensually, but still very tasteful way. While she sings her sensually tantalizing sweet as melting honey verses. Before the clip switches to John sitting on the floor next to a golden couch that Muni is laying on. Flowers in the background of the room blooming. As both John and Muni, so beautifully sing their sweet as honey melodies together. Then it sees them close up to one another with golden honey looking blinds in the backdrop. Hands then both touching dripped in honey. As they so beautifully sing the closing chorus. To really bring the beautifully blissful sweet as honey lyrics even more to life. In such a beautifully short and sweet, yet amazing way. Only they can.

You add that to go with the way ending plays out. As almost like a mini-movie and continuation of the last video. Is rather brilliantly done by John, Muni and the director, Christian. Something I am assuming John is going to continue with the next single and video. For his upcoming sure to be highly-anticipated eighth solo album. That is due sometime later this year.