DJ Muggs Drops Cinematically Eerie New Soul Assassins Single, Metropolis feat. Method Man & Slick Rick

DJ Muggs dropped his first definitive Soul Assassins album a little over 25 years ago. So it is only right he is now getting ready to release his third installment. In the series with Soul Assassins 3 set to drop sometime this year.

Sure to be full of plenty of features from some of Hip-Hop’s best emcees. Both new and old. Muggs today released the album’s first single, Metropolis. A very cinematically eerie and hazy production. That features two living legends, Method Man and Slick Rick. Who both deliver some pretty stellar guest spots.

Meth delivering such standout verses as, “First they said I was overrated. Illegal motion, I handle motive, of motivation. So F the world. This is fornication. So just keep that energy. I am a magic coordination.” Plus, “Lawd have mercy. Tell all the clergy. I am Loki, I just hold a hammer. Cause y’all ain’t worthy.” That is by far the most stellar and standout verses on the track. To prove once again why he is one of the dopest emcees to ever touch a mic.

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