Ab-Soul Releases Hypnotic & Headbanging New Single, Hollandaise

A little over a year after releasing his last single, Anybody. TDE emcee, Ab-Soul, is finally back again. Releasing his hypnotic and very headbanging new Kal Banx-produced single, Hollandaise.

The very braggadocios new track. Finding Soul with his buttery rich flow. Really taking his ish and letting people know. With lyrics like, “Get up off your ass, go and get some cash. Show ’em you mean business. Go above and beyond, evolve. These n***as so primitive. Left the murder scene, ain’t leave no witnesses (Uh). My name must be Abraham Lincoln, b*#^h. I’m innocent.” Showing why he is still one of the best emcees and lyricist’s alive.

Hopefully this also means a lot more new music is on the way. Along with an actual new project of some kind as well. From Soul.