Eric Bellinger Shines Brand, New Light, On Masterpiece Latest Solo Album

Eric Bellinger, is one of the best singers and songwriters in not only R&B and Soul. But all of music, who virtually always puts out consistently great music. Yet is still somehow underrated and underappreciated by many. Despite that and his virtuoso for great songwriting and hit making. That has netted him several GRAMMYs for his work as a songwriter. Bellinger, still hasn’t got the awards and accolades, many of his R&B/Soul, peers and contemporaries have. That shows why he’s one of the greatest vocalists, songwriters and artists of his generation. Which started with his very stellar debut album, The Rebirth. Nearly a decade ago in 2014.

On his newest eighth solo album, New Light. Which was released nearly three months ago. Bellinger, may finally get some of that recognition. As he was recently nominated for his first GRAMMY as a solo artist for the album. Which was nominated for Best Progressive R&B Album at next year’s 64th Annual Grammy Awards. A very well deserved nomination for Bellinger too. As the album as not only a definitive classic. That’s one of the best R&B and Soul album’s released here in 2021. But one of the best album’s released across all of music this year.

Easily one of the best album’s of his already great career and maybe even his best album to date. As well as his most personal one. That sees, Bellinger, in a whole new shining light. That has him over all 14 tracks. Showing how much he has grown not only as a vocalists, songwriter and sonically. As an overall artist. But how much he has grown as a person as well. Which you can hear from the very soulfully inspiring and motivational opening record, Blue Dreams. That’s an absolute banger, which perfectly sets the tone for the album. As, Bellinger, so passionately sings about striving to be the best he can be in both his career and with his family. Lyrics he sings like, “Can’t lose my focus, no. (Uh-huh). Need my roses, yeah. (Uh-huh). So supportive, it’s a family. (Yeah). When I shine, you shine, we shine. You can tell it’s that, New Light.” The type of inspiring and motivational lyrics, we can all use more of right now. That also have, Bellinger, slyly demanding his long overdue flowers as well. Before perfectly seguing into previously released singles, Go Get It and, Shine On The World. The absolute smooth banger, Go Get It. That’s co-produced by world-renowned hitmaker, Jazze Pha with, Dre Butterz and Byron Thomas. A record about spoiling your woman with love. In every way possible that she likes and enjoys. While, the latter is a very inspiringly uplifting record produced by Bellinger, himself alongside, Ray Keys. That sees, Bellinger, shining his light on the world with his very harmonious joyous vocals. While also delivering a powerful message we could all use more of and learn from.

The production from Thomas, throughout most of the album. As he contributed production to nearly half the album. A very key component in making the album so great. As you can hear from the thumping smooth drums, from both Thomas and Jansport J. On the ladies anthem, Truly Yours. That’s also dedicated to Bellinger’s love for his hometown of Los Angeles. With great features from fellow L.A. natives, The Game and Dom Kennedy. That has Kennedy on the hook with, Bellinger. Rather than rapping. While, Game, delivers a silky smooth great guest feature. That shows why despite his mostly, “Gangsta persona.” He can also deliver great verses for the ladies, whenever needed. The Game, isn’t the only big name heavyweight guest feature either. As, Bellinger, also shows such great chemistry with the likes of, Brandy, Sevyn Streeter, Teedra Moses and Kierra Sheard. That is first heard on the very steamy and hypnotic production from both, Thomas. As well as GRAMMYs-Award winning production duo, Ayo N Keyz. On the hypnotic and steamy bedroom banger of previously released single, What About Us. That sees Bellinger with fellow great singer and songwriter, Sevyn Streeter. Showing off the very steamy raw great chemistry that both artists have together. While also showing why they are both highly regarded as not only two of the best singer and songwriter’s in R&B/Soul, but all of music right now. The very soulfully smooth and thumping drums on the Jake & Zac-produced, Euphoric. Everything you can expect and more from the unexpected collaboration between, Bellinger and Brandy. That as someone who grew up in L.A., idolizing in a lot of ways, Brandy. A dream come true collaboration for, Bellinger.

By the time we get to the almost midway point of the album. With another previously released single, Only Fan. That is produced by Dejaun Cross, Roark Bailey and Nelson Kyle. Bellinger, once again goes back to his hypnotic playful tendencies. As he brilliantly coos and sings playful lyrics. That is his play on the very popular subscription service. That’s mostly filled with risqué content from women. The trio of Cross, Bailey and Kyle, alongside Deafh Beats. Also contributing production to the standout record, No Favors. That sees, Bellinger, over the thumping drums. Singing about a woman, who is not only one of the most beautiful you will see. But is also a boss and fly on her own. That doesn’t just as part of the chorus suggests, “Need, no favors.” That perfectly seguing into the very thumping smooth drums production, from Ayo and Dj Money. On the very harmoniously great and heavenly, Tired Of Waiting. That shows why, Bellinger, has by far some of the most heavenly effortlessly great harmonies in all of music right now. The OG Parker and Kid Culture co-produced, Lava Lamps. Yet another standout from such a timeless amazing masterpiece album. That just keeps getting better and better throughout. As evidence from the Mars-produced, Patience. That sees, Bellinger, over the very smooth keys. Singing and preaching, patience and peace. We can use more of.

In boxing terms. The heavyweight rounds to close out the album. Help, Bellinger deliver not only some of the best music on the whole album. But quite possibly of his career. Starting with the very soulfully and heavenly like uplifting production from Cory Henry, soufwest and Thomas. On the very heavenly soulful and inspiring, Counting My Blessings. That sees, Bellinger, so brilliantly with conviction in the spirit of the Lord. Sing about the great and unbreakable bond he has with his wife. Among the many blessings he has. That helps reveal, a better and greater man. Thanks to it. That is more in line with his actual life than many of his other records would have you feel. Kierra Sheard, with her big bold heavenly vocals. The perfect feature to complement, Bellinger, on the record. That then perfectly seguing into the very brilliant bounce beat of the Thomas and KCdaProducer co-produced, Girls Like You. That sees, Bellinger, singing about girls who, as part of the chorus suggests. Know they, “Could get anything.” They want cause of their great body and looks. Which, Teedra Moses, doubles down about on her brilliantly placed and perfect guest feature.

The very upbeat drums of the production from Ali Prawl, Kristopher Riddick-Tynes and Thomas. On, Goin’ Dutch. Results in another amazingly great record. Before the timeless masterpiece album. Perfectly closes out with the very smooth keys of the Troshia Keston, Ponzoo, Keyz Bridgez and J Smash co-produced, Backwards. That sounds like it partially samples and/or interlopes Usher’s longstanding classic first No. 1 hit single, Nice & Slow. Who, Bellinger, has quite ironically written as a songwriter for before. Among the many great artists, he has songwritten for. Bellinger’s very amazing great record, Backwards. Finding the singer, singing about how backwards, it is. That a lot of friends and people. Can become once you get money.

New Light, is a very inspiring new chapter in Eric Bellinger’s life. That truly let’s that, new light and radiance shine. While also being a very great source of inspiration for listener’s, new and old, alike, of, Bellinger. To help also grow into their own light. That will help them grow in love of not only others, but most importantly themselves. To help them discover and elevate themselves into their own shining higher self.