Nicole Bus Pours All Her Heart, Air & Love, Into Soulfully Soaring & Loving New Single, My Air

Nicole Bus, is soaring into Friday and the beginning of the weekend. With her soulfully soaring and loving newest single, My Air. The newest release. From her exclusively released songs she’s been releasing on Soundcloud every Friday. For almost two months now. In a series of unreleased songs, she previously recorded.

This latest one finding, Bus, over the soulfully soaring very piano-laden Needlz production. Once again showing off her truly soaring powerfully soulful and big shot vocals/voice. As she so passionately sings about a love. That she pours all her heart and soul into. Comparing this love to the air we all breathe and need. For what’s easily not only one of the best records she’s released over the past couple of months. But so far of her short, but already great and promising career.