Kehlani Debuts Very Beautifully Heartfelt New Video/Single, Altar, Paying Tribute To Passed Loved Ones

Fresh off the news of singer and songwriter, Kehlani, announcing yesterday. Her upcoming highly-anticipated new solo album, Blue Water Road. Will be dropping sometime this Winter.

Kehlani debuted today her beautifully heartfelt new Pop Wansel-produced single. As well as the just as beautifully heartfelt accompanying Kid Studio-directed video for the record. Dedicated as a tribute to her loved ones, who have passed.

The new visual opens with Kehlani fleeing to the countryside with Diovanna LaBeija. Who also choreographed the video. As, Kehlani, dressed in various beautifully classy white and pink outfits. While laying out offerings of wine, photos, foods and other various things at the, altar. To her ancestors. So beautifully sings the very heartfelt lyrics about grieving those fallen angels she’s lost, but that have also helped her grow as a person.

The very beautifully touching and heartfelt visual. That also sees, Kehlani so beautifully dancing along with LaBeija. As a dedication to those lost loved ones as well. Really helping bring those beautifully heartfelt lyrics to life. That so many of us, who have lost loved ones. Can really relate to even more and especially those of us, who have lost loved ones in this past year and a half plus since the pandemic began.