Faith Evans Releases Very Soulful Inspiring New Single, Right Now feat. Big Knuck

It’s been awhile since we have heard some new solo music from legendary singer, Faith Evans. But today she delivers the very soulfully inspiring new single, Right Now. That features Big Knuck and is produced by Jovan J. Dawkins. Who provides the very soulfully inspiring production/compassion.

A little over a full year after all of us have been dealing with this current pandemic due to this deadly virus the whole world has faced. This record that pushes for people to go for things even more in this time, right now. Couldn’t have come at a more better time. Knuck’s very real guest verse. Finding him rapping about everything from racism to our messed up politics, unemployment and several of the things we have faced now due to the pandemic and even before than. Overall a very soulfully inspiring record that we can all use more of right now.

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