Joyce Wrice Is On One In Fun & Colorfully Feel-Good New Video, On One feat. Freddie Gibbs

When it comes to some of the best upcoming R&B/Soul singers and songwriters to emerge over the last half decade. Los Angeles native, Joyce Wrice, is a name that if you didn’t already know by now. You must be sleeping under a rock and should definitely know.

Bringing that soulfully smooth feel-good nostalgic sound of the 90’s and early 2000’s R&B. That’s very reminiscent of great singers like Ashanti, Mya, Aaliyah and Mariah Carey before her. Wrice has been known to deliver every so often those feel-good summer jams. That makes you just want to get up and dance. Like her recently released single, On One featuring Freddie Gibbs or even before that her very feel-good jam, So So Sick.

Both records produced by D’ Mile. Wrice has seemed to find a formula with the producer of bringing that old nostalgic joyful feel-good summertime sound that everyone enjoys and could always use more of. Especially even more so in the current times we are living in.

While today nearly a week after initially releasing the single and with a little over two weeks till the release of her highly-anticipated debut album, Overgrown. That’s due on March 19th. Wrice debuted earlier today through The Fader her new Yavez Anthonio-directed video for the single. That’s a very colorfully fun and feel-good visual. Which sees the Los Angeles native dancing and partying across L.A. As she shows off her joyfully feel-good choreographed dance moves and beautifully smooth, as well as heavenly amazing out of this world vocals. Before Gibbs later joins her about midway through to do his own two-step and rap his very stellar guest verse. As they gush fully play with each other and Joyce, joyfully mouths along to Freddie’s guest verse.

The new visual with its nostalgic feel-good sunshiny feel and overall great concept. That lets you know Spring and Summertime are coming soon too. Really giving you those nostalgic feel-good summer vibes of those old-school Ashanti and Ja Rule or even Mariah Carey and any rapper she chooses feel-good early 2000s R&B records and videos. That really brings the record to life even more and makes you love it even more. Just when you think you couldn’t love it anymore than you already did.