Victoria Monét Premieres Sexy & Cinematic Western-Inspired New Video, F.U.C.K.

At the beginning of this month, very beautifully talented singer and songwriter, Victoria Monét. Released her very sensual and playful latest single, F.U.C.K. That finds Monét playfully singing her lustful thoughts about her male counterpart.

The acronym for both the single and a lot of the lyrics real playfully lustful with some double and triple entendres. That not only show Monét’s great sensually honey like magically amazing vocals, but very amazing songwriting as well.

So now nearly a week and a half after releasing the single. It’s only right for Monét to premiere today through Vevo, the sexy and very cinematic western-inspired new accompanying video to the record. Which sees her in all her golden brown honey beauty and cowboy-like outfit from the hat to the actual brown jacket, outfit and cowboy boots, riding in by horse. Where a wanted sign is posted up by the saloon she’s entering for a $1,000,000 reward for The Jaguar (her) capture.

Monét starts singing the playful and sensual lyrics as she enters the Western-inspired bar. While a fine young women played by singer, Tanerélle. Is one of the people looking on to possibly seek out that reward. Both Monét and Tanerélle honey brown sexual beauty is shown throughout the very Western-inspired clip. But in a very mature way that you can tell is still channeling the sensual and inner sexuality of the record. That continues to play out like a mini Western movie. Really helping play to the Jaguar theme that Monét has been doing lately. That is just so amazing and really brings the record truly to life. While also showing why from her looks to her actual singing and songwriting, as well as music videos and everything in between. Victoria really is not only one of the best artists in all of music right now. But really one of the most beautiful women there’s too. That still somehow doesn’t get all her full just due for how amazingly talented she truly is.

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