Jessie Reyez Premieres Powerfully Heart-Wrenching, Yet Beautiful New Animated Video, INTRUDERS

Very talented singer and songwriter, Jessie Reyez, is easily one of the best and most true to the core of the art, artists there’s out right now. Who constantly puts the ART in artist. Whether it be her actual music, videos, live performances or even done to her artwork. Jessie hits every honest emotion of love and heartbreak, both good and bad. Through her always powerful and soulfully passionate, yet beautifully heartfelt vocals and lyrics. That she pours all her heartfelt emotions and pain through. Yet always comes out so powerful and beautiful.

Such is the case with Jessie’s very beautifully powerfully raw and real new animated video she premiered earlier today through her Vevo. For one of the more standout records from her very timeless masterpiece debut album, BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US. In, INTRUDERS. Where Jessie really brings the deep and heart-wrenching meaning of the song to life in a way that’s so tear-jerking, yet beautifully powerful. That makes you love this already very powerfully heart-wrenching, yet beautiful song even more. The animation such a true piece of art that makes you feel like you’re watching a classic animated Disney movie come to life in song form. For what’s by far one of the most beautiful and amazingly creative music videos you will ever see.

Just like Jessie said in a statement about the new visual. “Colonialism is in the mitochondria of racism.” The message really conveyed in both the heart-wrenching, yet beautifully deep meaning of both the video and song. Showing how badly, we’ve treated the earth and each other throughout history. Is so accurate and really hits home even more so with everything going on now that we need to change. Which is why we all needed a reset and what’s happening in the world. Is currently happening. So it can allow us all to really look at each other and ourselves to make those necessary changes we all need to better ourselves and the word around us.