DJ Muggs Delivers Spine-Chilling & Cinematic New Single, What A Night ft. Evidence & Eto

Over the past three to four years or about nearly half decade plus, DJ Muggs, has had a sort of resurgence. That has had his name along with the Soul Assassins Records brand spread across our site several times. Whether it be his 2018 Soul Assassins album, Soul Assassins: Dia del Asesinato, reconnecting with Cypress Hill for their 2018 comeback album, Elephants on Acid.

To the several singles and collaborative projects he has released with everyone from Meyhem Lauren to Roc Marciano, Eto, Mach-Hommy, CRIMEAPPLE and Tha God Fahim, to name just a few since than as well. That has really put Muggs back in the conversation too for the best producers of all-time.

So it should be no surprise that flood continues today with the release of Muggs very spine-chilling and cinematic new single, What a Night. That features Venice Beach emcee Evidence alongside Rochester native and New Crack Era rep, Eto. As both emcees with their very raw and spine-chilling verses over the very cinematic bass and piano-laden backdrop perfectly bounce off each other rather nicely. While proving why they’re two of the best emcees in all of Hip-Hop right now. Eto’s verse of, “That’s why I only attend to those who I share and pray with. Friend or foe, I’m aware of fakeness. I don’t play two sides and I don’t wear the faces. Speaking of sentiments I got with Muggs and now I’m leaking with Evidence. From the corner store to the tentaments. Now I kill them with benevolence.” Really showing why he’s arguably the best emcee in not only all of Hip-Hop right now. But one of the best emcees and artists across all of music for the past nearly half decade plus. As well as a fan favorite of me and so many others.