Jess Connelly Releases Calmingly Smooth & Amazing New Single, Hooked/Good Lover

Jess Connelly, is easily one of the more talented and standout voices of the great new crop of R&B/Soul singers that has emerged over the past several years.  Which is why we are one of several sites that have featured her within the past year and a half or so.  So it should be no surprise that Connelly delivers yet another calmingly smooth and amazing single that she just released with the Lustbass-produced double-side single, Hooked/Good Lover.  A very amazing new record that finds the singer over the very calmingly slow smooth piano-laden backdrop singing with her very calmingly smooth and unreal angelic voice about being hooked to a love she can’t let go.  The record then very smoothly transitioning into the smooth piano-laden backdrop and chants backdrop of, Good Lover.  That finds Connelly singing about a good lover she thought she had, but really isn’t and she questions him about if he really has after hearing about other women he fvcked that makes her question if he was really a, “Good Lover.”  Singing about how he told her he, “fvcked but didn’t really love them.”  Also singing about how he’s basically begging her to stay, but she doesn’t feel she should need to, “just throw everything she has away.”  Only to stay with someone who makes her and other women feel such a bad way.  The double-sided single is easily one of Connelly’s best records to date and perfect for a rainy and gloomy Fall October day like today.  Which is easily one of my favorite new records and will be getting plenty of play from me and I’m sure many others over these next few days and months.