Sabrina Claudio Delivers Dark & Seductively Provocative New Video, On My Shoulders

A little over three weeks after giving us her very cinematically amazing latest video/single, Holding The Gun, very beautifully talented singer and songwriter, Sabrina Claudio, is back with her slow-burning newest single, On My Shoulders.

Premiered yesterday with its accompanying sensually provocative new self-directed video.  It finds Claudio sitting in a chair in an all black blazer with nothing underneath, as she exudes sensually enticingly provocative and seductively sexy, yet classy beauty and sings about the inner demons of duality one fights in the battle of opening up yourself and fighting your self-worth to love with someone.  Loving in a way that’s so vulnerable and painful it brings the demons out to allow you to have such love with someone else, while still staying true to yourself.  As she displays with her vulnerably dark, yet sexy lyrics and sensually soothingly angelic smooth vocals.

The very dark and provocatively vulnerable visual finding another woman slowly and seductively waking up to Ms. Claudio and caressing her shoulders and chest.  Who we realize is Sabrina doing it to herself and we see another one of her pop up in corset lingerie later in the visual, to signify the two devils by her side.

From the lyrics to the beat, unapologetically effortless beauty and sexiness, cinematically great editing to the deep meaning of the record truly being brought to life with the visuals.  There is not quite many artist who have had an evolution as Sabrina has over the past year and a half or two.  Where just when you think she can’t outdo her already great work, she does so yet again.  This by far not only being arguably Sabrina’s best visual to date, but one of the best visuals for a song I’ve ever seen and a true masterpiece of art with the way it’s truly able to bring the record, as well as the deep meaning of it to life.g

Sabrina also proving why she’s not only among my favorite R&B/Soul artists over the last year and a half or two, but just artists period with the way she’s so magically always able to take you to another realm and feel like you’re somewhere else so siren and peaceful whenever you listen to her music and/or watch her visuals or even when you see her perform live.  The pure definition of a true to the core artist that everyone seeks to be and everyone stops to listen to when she drops new music or watch when she drops new visuals.  One of the most inspiring artists there’s right now and with the way she’s able to touch your soul, why so many of us have Sabrina near the top of our favorite artists lists.