Joyce Wrice Premieres Beautifully Colorful & Feel-Good New Video, Blurred Lines

Almost two years to the day of her dropping her last new music, very talented emerging singer, Joyce Wrice, who was among my favorite emerging new artists is finally back with new music and it’s well worth the wait.  As she premiered earlier today the very beautifully colorful and touchy, feel-good new Jonathan Salmon-directed video for, Blurred Lines.  The Los Angeles natives just as beautifully, touchy and positively feel-good new single about a love she has with a supposed boyfriend that emerges as we inch closer to the summer and when you get those positively feel-good summer vibes that make you question whether it crosses the blurred lines of being an actual relationship or just friends.  The way the accompanying new visual plays out really helping bring it to life and make you question whether you really knew yourself the actual meaning of the record after you see how it plays out.  While also showing what a truly great piece of art both the record and video are.  Not to mention what a truly great artist Joyce herself is.