Mila J Reveals A Hidden Truth On One Of Her Most Emotionally Transparent EP’s To Date, October 2018

Mila J doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon, as the end of October a few weeks ago found the very talented singer and songwriter, dancer and sometimes rapper dropping her 10th EP in 10 months.  Really her 11th EP in 12 months, with the appropriately titled, October 2018, the latest in her EP a month releases throughout all of 2018.

Easily one of her most emotional and transparent of all the EP’s so far, which is probably my third or fourth favorite of her year-long EP journey into her love and real life truth, it once again finds the Los Angeles native telling the stories of her love life throughout the record.  Kicking off with the very emotional, October Nights, which finds the very acoustic chants and piano keys building up before Mila comes in to sing her very emotional lyrics about her longing for a love she once had on, “these October Nights, cold as ice.”  It’s without a doubt one of her most emotional and really heartfelt records yet and the perfect way to kick off the project.  That than segues into the very not give a fvcks record, Old Times.  Which finds the L.A. native showing off her rarely used great rapping skills, as she raps about, “reminiscing about the old times,” about an old boyfriend she no longer cares about, but she says keeps contacting her to try to get to rub in her face about how she blew it with him.  Even though she says she still no longer wants to be with him, it seems like he’s still trying to get back with Mila or make her jealous of his current relationship and why he’s trying to rub it in her face that she blew it with him.

As with all of her EP’s so far, MIGH-X, is once again Mila’s lone feature, as he gives a very emotional and really great performance on, Real Issues.  That’s easily one of the best performances on the EP with how much he puts his real life issues into the record in a way that everyone, young, old, different race, religion, background or whatever else can all relate to.  That than so perfectly segues into the closing record, Something Happened.  Which finds the singer putting her real life emotions as Jamila into song and why as she sings she feels, “Everything happens for a reason.  It goes the way it goes.  I know you need a reason.  It’s time I let you know.  I’ve been hurt before.  I’ve been hurt bad.  Something happened and it hurt bad.”

You have to listen to the rest of the lyrics, but it sounds like she’s opening up about being either raped or taken advantage of in a relationship.  Which is huge for not only herself to admit, but to show other women and even men, that it is not okay to let someone or even you yourself take advantage of someone if you told them, “No!” or not and whether it is in a relationship or not.  At a time when more women and even some men aren’t afraid now to admit such horrible things have happened to them before, it shows how the singer, not only as just Mila J, but the actual young woman, Jamila, which is her actual birth name, is still a human like all of the rest of us we can all relate to, whether it comes to love or any other aspect of life.