Mila J Delivers More Quality Music With New EP, July 2018

Mila J winds into love with her newest EP, July 2018.  Going for a more Reggae and Dancehall type vibe than her more usually soulful vibes for a few tracks, a lot of the project like her previous EP’s finds her singing about love and relationships.

Opening with Don’t Ask Me Why.  A record that’s heavily Reggae influenced and will have you trying to do your dutty wine.  As Mila sings about how high she gets and why she forgot a love cause it wasn’t really a true love.  That perfectly segues into, You Need More People.  A record about a love she had that kept taking her for granted and lying to her, so she let them go.  While that transitions into one of the more standout records on the EP, We Don’t Mix.  A very mostly chants based record, which finds Mila singing about a man she doesn’t mix with anymore and why they’re no longer in a relationship anymore, “cause” they “ain’t in each others pics anymore.”

MIGH-X is once again the lone feature, but rather than on the last track, he’s on the second to last one.  As he sings about how he will be petty and fvck his girls friends cause of the way she acts like he wasn’t there when he was, so he, “can play Desiigner.”  The EP than closing with what’s not only easily the best record on the whole project, but just when you think she can’t top herself, easily one of Mila’s best records to date and possibly even one of the best I’ve ever heard, A Sneak Peak at November.  A mostly acoustic based record, which is just guitar backed and finds the Los Angeles native very emotionally giving her all and pouring her heart out, as she so emotionally sings to a supposed love she has and really wants to be alone with to confess things to about their love.  You can hear her very much pouring out all her emotions for this love, which you hope is truly that love Jamila and all of us as humans all seek and want in a relationship.