Bridget Kelly Premieres Beautiful New Black-and-White Video, In The Grey

Singer Bridget Kelly doesn’t want to be stuck in an ambiguous relationship and puts everything on front street, as you can tell from the very raw and honest lyrics in her very powerful latest single, In the Grey, which she just premiered earlier today via Billboard for the very beautiful new black-and-white Isaac Yowman-directed video.

The new visual finding Kelly in a conference room at a desk, donning glasses of a psychiatrist, who interrogats her man in about the complications of a relationship that essentially isn’t a true relationship and she doesn’t want to be stuck in the grey about.  Just because it looks and feels like a relationship doesn’t always necessarily mean it is one and it could really be a situation-ship that many have been in before, are currently in or may experience in the future, but don’t always want to admit being in.

Watch it all play out below to see where Bridget’s relationship lies for easily one of her best songs to date and if you haven’t yet, be sure to check her just released long-awaited and highly-anticipated debut album, Reality Bites.  Which the very amazing new single was taken from.