Mila J Delivers Most Beautifully Written Work Yet, On New EP, March 2018

Her most beautifully written work yet, Los Angeles singer/songwriter, Mila J shows how much she has continued to really truly grow over the past year and even more so these first few months of 2018 on her new EP, March 2018.  Really truly finding her true defined sound of honest lyrics over very minimalist, mostly soulfully acoustic stripped-down production.

Just like her last two EP’s, January 2018 and February 2018, on her latest monthly EP, Mila once again is singing so honestly over very minimalist, mostly soulfully acoustic stripped-down production.  Kicking off with possibly her most beautifully written record to date, Just Like That.  Which over very minimalist guitar riffs finds Mila singing about the feelings of finally being able to get over a love she never thought she would be able to, just like that.  Perfectly seguing to the therapy-influenced record, Dr. Phil.  A song that over the slowly infused drums finds the singer singing about a former boyfriend that’s trying to return to her for advice in a new relationship, but she doesn’t want to give him because he needs therapy to get over her.

Love continues to be the topic for Mila, as after the mood slows down even more.  The singer with her very beautiful vocals, sings so beautifully over the very beautiful guitar riffs about the different various ways one can go through love.  Both good, bad and in between.  That than so seamlessly segues into the very beautifully written, The Saints Go Marching On.  A very smooth slowed down stripped-down record, which over the stripped-down guitar strings finds Mila so beautifully emotionally given her all with her beautiful vocals singing so beautifully about a love she hopes is way more than just a friendship.  That so perfectly than segues into the slow winding chants and drums of the very next record, My Only Hopes.  Which finds the singer singing about the fire she thought she had in a love, but now no longer has because the man she thought she had wouldn’t admit to it.  Even after being single and lonely again for so long, making it to hard for her to just accept getting into a relationship because he didn’t have the guts to try being in a relationship with her.  Mila wanting somebody who has the confidence in themselves to at least ask her out and not wait forever to do so.

The EP, like each one she’s dropped so far, closes out with the lone feature from MIGH-X on Simple Math.  Continuing the beautiful writing, it finds him beautifully singing about how life would be not as great if he didn’t have his other half.

Something you can also say for us fans, if we didn’t have such beautifully written, sung and timeless music delivered yet again from Mila J with her newest EP.  Which we can not only enjoy, but also even help some of us get through our own trials with love, just like Jamila.