Cheat Codes Drop A Gorgeously New Stripped Down Version of Their Hit Single, Which Is Also, The Song of The Summer, No Promises feat. Demi Lovato

Los Angeles based trio, Cheat Codes, have things all figured out.  As the group has amassed a huge hit with their Demi Lovato-featured latest single, No Promises.

Released earlier this year by the electronic-based three piece, the single has been performed by the group and Lovato on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon back in May and currently sits at #15 on the Pop radio charts.  The record with its catchy hook from Lovato and after amassing 199 million streams on Spotify, has made it, The Song of the Summer.

The huge success of the single, also helping Cheat Codes be able to make several appearances at major festivals throughout the summer, such as Free Pass Summer Fest and most recently, Lollapalooza.

Now the group will look to add another leg to the hit single, that maybe even help it reach even higher on the charts by dropping a new beautifully gorgeous stripped-down rendition of the record today.  Which you can hear below.