New Bibi Bourelly – Ballin

Bibi Bourelly - Ballin single cover

Def Jam has been bringing on a lot of dope new rising talent lately and one of their latest, R&B/Soul singer/songwriter, Bibi Bourelly shows with her new single, Ballin, why she’s one to watch.  The complete opposite of what you would think when you see the title of the record.  It’s an ode to being broke, where over the slinky production of the piano line and simple percussion, Bourelly tells all the different struggles such as: frustration, resignation, irony and hope one goes through while being broke.  The lyrics, “This kinda lifestyle teaches you patience,” really hitting home for anyone who has ever been broke and her very poignant, as well as vulnerable songwriting really shining through on the stripped-down instrumental arrangement, which really complements Bibi’s vivid storytelling so flawlessly.  The lead single from Bourelly’s upcoming Free the Real: Part 2 EP, really showing you why she’s one of the more truly relatable young artists and one of the more fascinating new voices in all of music.  You can checkout the very smooth record from this very true talent below and lookout for a lot more of Bibi in the near future.