Beyoncé & Kendrick Lamar Make A Splash With Epic Performance of Freedom To Open BET Awards

Boy Beyoncé really knows how to surprise fans and she did it yet again earlier tonight with her surprise and very powerful performance of Freedom with Kendrick Lamar to open this year’s 2016 BET Awards.  With her back up dancers strutting in formation down the aisles, as the great Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech played, Queen Bey waited standing perched up on stage with a pool full of water coming up to her ankles while fire erupted behind her.  Before the Queen and her backup dancers kicked up the waves to some very great and moving choreographed dance moves.  An even bigger surprise came when homegrown L.A. native Kendrick rose out from below the stage in a hoodie to perform some new verses, as well as his Freedom verse before joining Bey in the pool and facing each other to wild out in the water, as he rapped his verse and the Queen sang the rest of the song.  Watch the duo’s epic performance, which was also the first time they performed it live below.