Tia London Delivers Two New Songs, Old School Kinda Love & Are You Gonna Ride

Chicago singer/songwriter Tia London is looking for that old school kinda love in her latest smooth and soulful latest weekly drop, Old School Kinda Love.  Like all of the rest of her weekly drops throughout the year, which she plans on keeping to drop throughout the rest of 2016, her husband and production partner The Legendary Traxster provides the smooth and soulfully nostalgic classic backdrop to the sure to be timeless record in which Tia speaks about her love for Hip-Hop and how it helped her develop in her actual love with her husband.  Traxster even throws in a nice little sample on the hook to give it the just right touch too.  Tia actually gives us a two for one too, as she also drops the bouncy Traxster-produced, Are You Gonna Ride, in which she asks if her man is, “Going to really ride” for her and stick with her on this fun song.  You can listen to both amazing records below.