New Snoh Aalegra – Emotional

After releasing her very amazing debut project last fall with her EP, There Will Be Sunshine, under the tutelage of legendary producer No I.D. and his ARTium Records label, you would think songstress Snoh Aalegra would slow down a little before putting something new out. That’s far from the case though, as today almost exactly three months after releasing her EP, the very talented Swedish singer/songwriter returns with her latest single, Emotional. On this new record, Snoh is backed by production from another legendary producer, RZA, who with the classic sample he used for Verbal Intercourse provided as the intro and the great whistles, keys, strings and drums he provides gives some of the best production he has in quite some time for the talented songstress to really hit her soul. As Snoh really shows off her very amazingly soulful vocals and how emotionally love can make someone when it really hurts someone’s soul. When she released her loosie record, Fire’s All Around You, back in October, I thought that record really showed how bright of a future, the talented Pop upstart had cause of how much it really let Snoh show off her beautifully unique vocals, but with how much she put her soul into this to really show off her emotions and even greater of a vocal performance she put on this, I think this is by far her best work to date. Which shows even more so why she has such a bright future ahead of her and I can hardly wait to see what other great music she has in store for her full-length debut album and to give us till then in the future.