New Video Elijah Blake – Wicked

Almost two and a half weeks after dropping the lead single to his upcoming EP, Drift, with the double video for 6/Fallen, ARTium Records/Def Jam singer/songwriter Elijah Blake is back with another video and the next offering from said project in Wicked. Like most of his offerings so far, Wicked, really shows off Blake’s very amazing vocals, as he sings over the great ambient synths, percussion and bass of the No I.D. production about a beautiful young woman, whose love and charm is so wicked, as well as temptious it allures all men into it. So Elijah is trying to let this woman know despite her temptious ways and love never working for her with other men because of it, how he can try handling it himself, while also protecting other men from it. Which he shows off rather nicely through the very well captured, creative and stylized inspiring visuals from director Ryan Valdez that make you love the song even more and get the premise of the record even clearer than if you only heard the song. The way Blake transitions so easily and smoothly into the preview of the next song at the end of the video about a lover he’s so proud of cause she’s like a paradise and he wants the whole world to know about so bad that he, “wants to shout it out,” makes you realize how truly great of an artist he is and that he’s not only a very amazing singer/songwriter, but a truly amazing artist in every sense of the word.

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