The Poetic Justice of the Popular Vote: 47% for Romney

The defeated GOP candidate famously disparaged Obama as the candidate of the 47 percent. Now, liberals gleefully view Mitt’s final tally as poetic justice. As the popular vote tally is nearing completion, reports are forcasting that Romney’s final total with reek of irony. Besides clearly showing that Barck Obama handily won the election on both the popular and electoral levels, Romney will actually end up being the man of the 47 percent. Sometimes you just cant script life any better.

By all accounts, Romney’s “47 percent” remarks constituted one of the greatest self-inflicted wounds from a candidate who had no shortage of them. “The quote didn’t, on its own, kill Romney’s chances,” says John Flowers at MSNBC. “But for many voters, it unmistakably conveyed the worldview of a man unable to see that a member of the middle class or the working poor might be just as hard-working, just as determined, as someone from his own privileged demographic.”

Quotes via The Washington Post

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