Never be condom-less with the Playa iPhone case

Annex Products, the company which previously brought consumers the Opena, which is an iPhone case with a built-in bottle opener, has something new “coming soon.” It’s yet another iPhone case: the Playa.

That name is pronounced “Play-a” which should make you realize it’s a take-off on “Player.” The $29.95 case (the Opena is priced at $39.95) fits the iPhone 4 and 4S and has a secret compartment. The compartment allows you to carry two condoms with you.

Get the Playa name, now?

You know how you’re not supposed to put condoms in your wallet and in your pocket because of the heat? Well, you’d better be careful to make sure your iPhone doesn’t get warm. You probably shouldn’t stick the device and the case in your pocket, either.

Finally, be careful you don’t pinch the condoms in the sliding case lid.

You can order a Playa case in either black, white or pink this summer (we’re not sure why a guy would order pink, although yes, it’s possible a liberated woman would carry condoms, but the Playa name just doesn’t work for us when thinking of a woman)


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