Best Buy Opening At 8Am On Friday For Evo 3D Launch


For those of you that don’t know, Friday, June 24th is destined to be a great day. And why is that you say? Because its the day one of the current top 3 most eagerly awaited handset launches(the other two being the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the already out HTC Sensation). No, its not the yawn-worthy iPhone 5, its HTC‘s Evo 3D.

A quick run down of specs to remind you why its so anticipated:

Powered by a Qualcomm MSM 8660 Snapdragon 1.2GHz dual-core processor and with Android 2.3 installed, a rear facing 5MP dual-lens camera takes 2D and 3D photos while capturing videos at 720p in both 2D and 3D. The 4.3 inch Super LCD glasses free 3D display features qHD resolution.

Now that’s a real beast of a handset if ever there was one. And while Best Buy is opening all of its locations and even some of its Best Buy Mobile stores at 8AM on that day, its not the only retailer getting in on the Evo 3D fun. Radio Shack(or just The Shack for all of you hip cats) is offering $100 off with the trade in of your Evo 4G. They’re also throwing a Evo 3D party at its San Francisco location. And Target is offering $40 off with your signature on the dotted line of a new 2 year agreement with Sprint.

So whether you have to be the first to have this beauty of a handset or are looking for the best deal to get it, this Friday is going to be a good day for Android and HTC Evo fans. Also, to add icing on this already delicious cake, two Android powered tablets are launching that day as well. The already confirmed to be launching HTC Evo View with its awesome scribe technology and the rumored but almost certain to be launching Galaxy Tab 10.1 which is being hailed as the first true contender to Apple‘s iPad.

A very good day for Android fans indeed.

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