David Banner Speaks On New Deals & LP

David Banner sat down with Boombox to talk about his latest business endeavors and upcoming album, MTA: 3 The Trinity Movement.

On New Business Deals

I’ve got campaigns coming up with Gillette, Motorola and a big commercial for ConAgra Food Group. Mercedes is eventually going to do something bigger with the “Benz” song, so that’s going to move to another level. And this year we’re going to launch an advertising company, called ABV. I’ve got all of these opportunities from people just finding me and calling, so we’re actually going to push the company out there and make it public this year.

On New Album, MTA: 3

I’ll be producing and rapping on the album. Working on ‘Death of a Popstar’ really helped me to fragment the way I do things, so I can concentrate on being the best at what I’m doing at each point. I’ve learned to focus on production and once I have enough beats, then I’ll focus on rapping [and] writing. This time, I decided to work on a whole lot of beats and then work on the lyrical side of it.

Getting Inducted to Mississippi Hall Of Fame

That was one of the biggest honors in my entire career. I’ve gotten accolades all over the world, but never really so much in my home state. And at the end of the day, after God and your family, you really try to do it for your people. The thing is, everything could be taken away from us. One day we’ll pass away from this earth, but I’ll be in the Mississippi Hall of Fame as long as Mississippi exists. At the end of the day, the money is cool and the other stuff is fine, but nobody can ever take that away from me. How many rappers can say that they’re sitting along with B.B. King and Elvis Presley in the Hall of Fame? Who can say that out of my generation? Not many people.

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