Apple admits iPad 2 Verizon connectivity issues

Apple has finally come out and admitted there are some issues with the iPad 3G on Verizon’s network. The issue comes when some users turn their 3G antenna back on (after shutting it off to save battery life). In many cases the users have to completely reboot their iPad to get 3G to turn back on. Repeated attempts to call customer service and make trips into the Apple Genius Bar have not resulted in any fixes.

Complaints about this issue have been ongoing since the release of the Verizon iPad 2. A quick look at the support forum shows many posts about the issue dating back to the same day as the release.

In a statement released today to All Things Digital the company stated they are aware that some iPad 2 owners who are using Verizon are having issues with connectivity and are investigating the issue.

This is the second major apple “I” product to have issues in the last few years. After the recent “AntennaGate” you would think more testing would have gone into the problem to ensure nothing would go wrong. We’ll have to wait till the new iPhone to see if Apple learns it’s lesson.

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