New York Serial Killer Death Toll Hits 8

New York,   Serial Killer,   Giglo Beach

A SERIAL killer is being hunted by police after eight bodies were found on a beach.

Three sets of remains were discovered on an isolated part of Long Island, New York, on Monday, adding to the five already found in sacks along the stretch.

The women are believed to be prostitutes who could be booked on a community website, and officers think the killings may have gone unnoticed for two years.

Four of the bodies were discovered in December by police searching for Shannan Gilbert, 24, a sex worker from New Jersey. Last week, officers found a fifth body a mile east of the first four. They continued the search and discovered the latest remains 500 metres apart.

Police think one murderer is at work, making them the most prolific serial killer in New York since Joel Rifkin, who was convicted of nine murders in 1993.


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