Gmail Motion: Did you fall for 2011 Google April Fools’ Day hoax?

Have you tried Gmail Motion? If you fell for the 2011 Google April Fools’ hoax, you may have thought you could check your Gmail by moving your body. That is the search engine giant’s way to celebrate a day meant for gags, office pranks, practical jokes, hoaxes on Friday, April 1.

Pegged by Google (see video left) as “A new way to communicate” anyone who isn’t privy to Google’s ongoing yearly prank may think they can check their email by moving their body. Not sure anyone in an office would want to be seen doing that, much less watching people move their bodies in public while checking their Gmail account by smartphone. Perhaps its latest idea in physical fitness?

Is this year’s Gmail Motion prank a bit better than last year’s fairly lame ‘Topeka’ prank? Perhaps. But in years prior,  the company created some April Fool’s Day pranks from the Googleplex in Menlo Park, California that seemed to be easier to believe. Either that or people have become savvy to the pranksters and anticipate the hoax.

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