50 Cent vs WSHH: 50 NOT Responsible for Shutdown gets into CRAZY Argument with Q(Owner of WSHH)

50 Cent talks to Angie Martinez of Hot97 about the current site problems of Worldstar Hip Hop, and admits that contrary to his twitter he DID NOT  shut down WSHH or have any part of the site troubles today. 50 does explain the issues between him and Worldstar which includes an ongoing lawsuit. 50 Cent states WSHH used his image on their site banner without permission and he thinks they promote negativity….which he says he’s no longer a fan of.

UPDATE: Q the owner of Worldstar also called in to respond to 50 Cent, and told Angie that the site’s problem has nothing to do with 50 Cent, the ongoing lawsuit, or the recent ICE takedowns of blogs. It’s a problem with his server. (now according to others, the problem may be a “level-5 take down” by Yahoo. As in, a complaint from someone to Yahoo about a copyright infringement that then resulted in a freeze. *shrug*) Either way, it should have been apparent that this was not the same as the previous ICE seizures, because going to WSHH did not redirect you to a sign from the Federal government.

(Ms. Info)

Check out the crazy argument between 50 Cent and Q the owner of World Star Hip Hop


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