R.I.P Sony Walkman Cassette Player [1979 -2010]

Say it isn’t so! Sony says it is officially putting the cassette Sony Walkman out to pasture. In fact, the last batch was shipped out months ago. Once they sell out, it’s over.

Check out this Cassette Player Facts:

1. Sony has sold over 200 million of them since 1979. Not bad! However, Apple has sold over a 100 million iPods since 2001.

2. The first portable cassette players have been around since the late 60’s (that’s 40 plus years for those of you who are too lazy to do the math on your calendar app).

3. Before there was illegal file sharing, people just recorded everything on cassette; including each other’s albums and CDs, bootleg concerts and discreetly made recordings of speeches and presentations. The record companies weren’t happy about it, but they didn’t really care either. Everyone was happy. Indeed, this was our version of social media; inviting the opposite sex over to swap and share a listen to concert tapes

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